Chateau Fasel

About Us

Our Story

The idea of Chateau Fasel was born 6 years ago from a man who had a great love and affection for his homeland which is Albania. The location where he chose to invest was the most untouched part of Tirana, Linza. That being said, it’s the greenest part of Tirana full of trees,mountains, hills and surrounded by a magnificent lake and most importantly full of fresh air. The most beautiful thing about our resort is that it’s full of Olive Groves that have been there for more than 1000 years. Chateu Fasel has a surface of 3500 m², where 900m²  are currently being built with a wide selection of antique rocks and this is to offer you a combination of modern and the antique .


Our vision is to offer you a new dimension of the actual market of restaurants and hotels located in the suburban parts of Tirana. Chateau Fasel will open their door to tourists from all over the world that come to Albania to get to know our culture, cuisine and tradition.


We will also offer specialized groups that will take customers hiking and horseback riding through the parts of Linza, Dajti Mountain and Tufine.


The heart of Chateau Fasel with a surface of 350m² built out of rocks and with two big porches built at the end of the restaurant that holds a capacity of 200 people .


Chateau Fasel offers three privés that have a autochthonous design. Each of them having its own interior design corresponding to the three main regions of Albania, The north part of Albania, the south and the middle.
Our privés vary from 8 to 20 people per privé,where each one will be for a special group of people. Meaning we will offer a dedicated service, the warmth of chimneys in the winter and the personal porches in the summer season.

The Privés are separated from the resort offering you privacy and comfort at your own terms.
The privés area has also a terrasse with a capacity of 20 people, the perfect spot for you to have a drink and enjoy the panoramic view.

Food and Drinks

We offer two cuisines, the most authentic, raw and traditional Albanian cuisine and the most special dishes of the Italian cuisine.
For the Albanian cuisine we offer a selection of meats and traditional Albanian dishes. As for drinks we offer a wide selection of top notch wines aged at our wine cellars. And if you’re looking for a more authentic taste we have wines made at our own winery called Kantina Dogjani.
As for the Italian cuisine we offer the freshest and most delicious homemade pasta, a wide selection of cheeses to choose from and platters of chosen Italian hams and sausages.